Exalt the Lord Jesus Christ

Our prayer for each time we gather is that the Holy Spirit is guiding our work for the edification of Christ Jesus. We start each service with worship of God through songs of praise and thanksgiving.  Our commitment to family allows for children to participate in our Sunday School Services while the adults remain within the sanctuary to receive the gospel from our dedicated pastorial team. Each day is an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior or to draw closer to Him wherever you might be in your walk with Christ. Therefore we always welcome a time of prayer at the alter. As we conclude our goal is to equip everyone with a prayer of blessing for the time ahead. 

  • We are excited and welcome each visitor as a Chosen Child of God. We hope to share the love of Christ with everyone whom walks through our door as a light to our community.
  • Children are an important part of our ministry. We have a dedicated, loving team whom teach our Sunday School Children ages 3 - 18. Our classrooms are broken out by age to ensure alignment of lessons to minister to each age group. A Nursery is available as well for those younger children 0-2.
  • You enter into our facility to a spacious parking lot available to all attendees. Our church grounds include a sanctuary, classrooms, gymnasium, and kitchen. We also maintain bunk house and outdoor shelter for events such as our youth camps and fellowship activities.  
  • We believe in modest apparel and encourage men and women to dress and to have an appearance consistent with Christian living and according to God's Word. 
  • Get connected through Facebook, Youtube, or one of our many members are available to support you to answer questions, take prayer request, and much more.
    • Youth Programs Patrick & Melissa Bedel
    • Women's Ministry April Ison
    • Better Days Chad & Brandy Wilson
    • Food Pantry Justin & Krystle Halpin
    • Volunteer Interest Sheila Hensley